BERLAN | Inverno 2015 from berlan on Vimeo.

F/W 15/16 WOMEN’S WEBINAR from Fashion Snoops on Vimeo.

Her Secret Weapon from Anna Halldin-Maule on Vimeo.

Anna Halldin-Maule creates her latest oil-painting, Her Secret Weapon. Watch the whole process of her working with the model, capturing the perfect pose, and the meticulous brushstroke by brushstroke process of her amazing painting technique.

CIFF Spring-Summer 2015 recap video from CIFF on Vimeo.

Produced by: Goodwind Studio
Filmed by: Mathias Nyholm Schmidt and Simon Weyhe
Edit by: Mathias Nyholm Schmidt and Simon Weyhe
Art Direction: Victor Lieberath
Music: Ukendt Kunstner

- Belle - by Velvet Johnstone from erika shiotsu on Vimeo.

Velvet Johnstone - A Spring Summer Collection -

Accompanying Images by Leoni Blue
Model - Olivia Ancell
Hair & Makeup - Sian Duke
Styling by Hayley Nunn
Headdress for Velvet Johnstone by Sister Rebel
Music Production by the Sonic Emporium
Fashion Film by Erika Shiotsu

Inner Fashion - Production Line at C-fabriek from thomas vailly on Vimeo.

Inner Fashion questions the codes, rules and production technic of fashion. A dress can be produced from scratch in one hour only. Two layers of fabric are dressed into a body size balloon: an inner layer, XXS, highly strechable and an outer layer, XXL. In a few points the 2 layers are glued. The glue connects both layer together where it is applied. The balloon is deflated; the tension of the inner fabric wrinkle, bend and fold the skin of the garment in an unique and unexpected way.

Laura Lynn Jansen: Product and Context design

Thomas Vailly: Process design

AKI INOMATA ” girl, girl, girl … ” digest ver. from Aki Inomata on Vimeo.

Title: “girl, girl, girl … “
Courtesy of the artist and Ai Kowada Gallery,Tokyo

Gravity Stool from Miranda Stet on Vimeo.

In dialogue with a natural phenomenon,
by Jólan van der Wiel

The Gravity Stool thanks its unique shape to the cooperation between magnetic fields and the power of gravity.

Departing from the idea that everything is influenced by gravitation, a force that has a strongly shaping effect, Jólan intended to manipulate this natural phenomenon by exploiting its own power: magnetism. The positioning of the magnetic fields in the machine, opposing each other, has largely determined the final shape of the Gravity Stool.

It is the combination of the magnet machine with the plastic material, developed especially for this purpose, that enabled Jólan to start a small but efficient chain of production. The forms and products are characterized by the freakisch and organic shapes that are so typical of nature itself.

» also check out the latest video where Magnetism meets Architecture

director: Miranda Stet
production: Miranda Stet, Pieter Kamp, Peter Lipton
editing: Miranda Stet, Pieter Kamp

Re-vive by rENs and Desso from rENs on Vimeo.

In a new artistic collaboration in 2014, the Dutch design team, Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren of rENs and Desso, the global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company launched a new rug collection known as

rENs uses the power of creativity to give products a new life. Rather than see the products come to an end and possibly finish up as waste, rENs uses a dying process based on the colour RED to create unique new products. In the new collaboration with Desso, they will be merging the colour red with the yarns of some of Desso’s out-of-date carpet collections. The hand crafted process means that each time, the designers are interpreting the mix of dye and yarn and creating an individual work of art - testament to the idea of giving customers exciting new concepts and designs from existing materials.

This links directly to Desso’s corporate vision to create a new business model for the circular economy where goods are made to be made again. Using healthy materials, the concept calls for smart design to recycle, reuse and remanufacture, leading to a more sustainable economic model. Both Desso and rENs share the commitment to fashion a new, sustainable model for business and manufacturing and a society where imagination is used to find better ways to make things.

Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren have worked on a number of projects recently developing a new concept for using red dye to refashion existing products based on the idea that the colour red sends a signal about the problem of waste. Now, building on their past work, rENs is taking the idea a step further transforming out-of-date carpets from Desso’s collection into new, vibrant products by re-colouring them with red dye and providing unique shades and effects for each individual rug.

Through this collaboration with rENs, Desso is able to support young designers and together make a powerful statement to the world of fashion and beyond.

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Bloom + VOC from trendtablet on Vimeo.

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